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How To Choose The Right Walker For Senior Citizens

A walker is an assistive device used for walking to help people who have difficulty with stability or balance. It is also beneficial in helping those who are recovering from a surgery like orthopedic surgery. Walkers offer more help than a single rod because of many contact points with the ground, providing support on both sides of the body, and are propelled using both hands. If you are worried about your loved ones, getting them a walker is the best thing you can do. It is crucial to choose which suits them best, like a tall walker for seniors or a narrow one. Keep on reading to know how to find the right one.

Know These Types Of Walkers For Seniors

If you are scouting a walker, you need to consider the body type and the person's medical condition for an informed decision.

1. Tall Walkers

You have seen many short seniors. Rarer are the tall ones. They need less medical equipment like tall walkers for seniors. It's because, mostly, walkers are made for people of average height, and as we age, that average height goes down. But, some seniors are tall and need a walker that can maintain balance according to size. It is appropriate for a person who is over 5'11 height. If someone is discharged from a hospital, they may need a walker. Ensure that you choose the right one according to size and medical condition.

2. Narrow Walkers

Whether you are concerned about yourself, your friend, or a family member, it could be an excellent time to purchase a walker if they face difficulties getting around. The crucial thing when choosing the walker is to keep in mind the area you live in and where you go frequently. For example, if you live in a space with narrow halls, or if you plan to go with narrow passageways and small elevators, it might be a good idea to get a narrow walker for seniors on the slimmer side. There are walkers for narrow doorways that will give you the flexibility to go more places and have fun.

You can also search our medical equipment store to shop for narrow, tall walkers for seniors or any other according to your preference.

3. Drive Walkers

Drive walkers for seniors are an excellent solution for better mobility. A drive walker is a right choice if you are exploring a walker for a person who can barely walk. They are also more robust as they come in a metal frame with wheels. At the same time, they are not the same as rollators and still move slower for easy navigation of some terrains, making it easier for some users. First, ensure the person is wearing the same shoes they will have on when using the walker for the correct measurement of a walker.

At Starkville Medical Supplies, you can shop for a narrow, drive, and tall walkers for seniors.

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