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LIK DME & MEDICAL SUPPLIES, LLC is a team of medical professionals committed to providing quality services and products that meet or exceed our customer’s needs in a cost effective manner.

LIK receives and accepts referrals from physicians, discharge planners, case managers, home health professionals, and other appropriate sources.

Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies, which can be provided include, but not limited to, items listed in each of the following categories.

Items with no maintenance, bathroom safety products, commodes, shower chair, personal care products and other supplies and accessories.

Wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, nebulizers, Scooters, Breast Pumps, Knee Braces, ankle braces, wrist brace, back braces, diabetic shoes and Inserts, Cpap Supplies and related supplies and accessories;

All items listed above require a valid provider’s prescription prior dispensing,

In addition to providing the above listed equipment and supplies, LIK DME & MEDICAL SUPPLIES, LLC also provides,  delivery and set-up, incidental services consisting primarily of training and instruction in the safe and proper use of all items.

The products and services rendered to patients by LIK DME & MEDICAL SUPPLIES, LLC personnel reflect LIK’S primary objective to be a provider of durable medical equipment and medical supplies. As such, LIK’s primary goal is to promote self-reliance on the part of each patients in terms of the substained and optimum use of all equipment and supplies. Enhancing Life, Every Moment, Every Day!!!!

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