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Improve Your Hospitality Care With Our Hospital Beds!

Are you looking to buy hospital bed? Whether for home or hospital. Hospital beds are one of the most crucial apparatuses for patients to lie in the hospital for treatment. Therefore, the respective department must offer proper hospital beds to their patients.


Here, we have outlined various hospital beds, each with its features and uses.


Critical Care Beds

Critical Care Beds are manufactured for the Intensive Care Unit(ICU). The beds are created for patients whose life is at risk. These beds are more equipped for care than a regular hospital room. Critical care beds have monitors to track the lung and heart functions of patients. Moreover, many nurses and daycare helpers around the beds find it convenient to give you easy care. Therefore, it has been the top priority of hospital bed purchases.

Curative Care Beds

Curative care beds are also called acute care beds. These beds are designed to manage labor, cure the definitive injury, relieve symptoms of injury or illness, perform surgery, and perform therapeutic procedures. These beds are the second most priority of hospitals but are suggested for homes too in case of patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Long-Term Care Beds

Long-term beds treat patients requiring more extended care due to chronic treatments with a decreased level of independence in daily living. Long-term care beds are often placed in two in one room.

Adjustable Hospitable Beds

Specialty Hospital Beds

These beds are slightly inclined to give the upper body more relief, along with elevated support under the knees. It bends at angles comfortable to you by attaining zero gravity. Moreover, it provides a recliner contour that helps cure multiple disorders.

Specialty Hospital Beds are the beds that follow the requirements of different patients, whether their size, treatment requirements, or care conditions. Each bed has specifications to treat the patient with a specific ailment properly. They are in high demand and therefore sold as the best hospital beds for sale.

Rehabilitative Care Beds

Rehabilitative care beds offer the facility to restore, stabilize or improve impaired organ functions. It is used in decreased use of facility-based care. Moreover, they are effective in palliative care facilities.

Electric Beds

Gatch Bed

Electric beds are the most advanced beds in recent times. These are multi-specialty hospital beds for sale in Starkville, MS, in large numbers compared to manual operating beds. It provides extra comfort to the patient with improved staff efficiency because all types of equipment are attached to the bed for daycare needs.

These beds have modified three movable sections with three spring parts for raising the foot end, head end, or middle section per patient needs. Moreover, gatch beds are generally non-electrical and often found in nursing homes and daycare facilities.

Collapsible Hospital Beds

Collapsible beds are ideal for bedridden and fracture recovery. These beds are made for different sleeping and learning needs. Moreover, collapsible hospital beds are readily used for orthopedic conditions. These are highly recommended medical beds for sale in Starkville, MS.

AdjustabLow Air Loss Bedsle 

These beds have air blow systems and ventilated cushions to fill the air in the mattress. It helps cure patients with skin burns or diseases. Therefore, low air loss beds are highly efficient in skin grafting or skin-related surgery. The main objective of this bed is to keep skin cool and dry at times.


Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for the best hospital bed suppliers in Starkville, MS? We have a wide range of hospital beds designed to serve patients the best. Our professionals offer quality hospital beds at an affordable cost. Moreover, our supply ensures seamless and smooth services with regular inventory checks to ensure your beds never go out of stock. Besides this, we also offer proper installation, delivery, and instructions for maintaining the long life of your beds.


Our products and services follow all industry standards and quality checks before installation. Shop one of the best hospital beds in Starkville, MS, today!

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We acknowledge the problems in hospital bed purchases because of miscommunication between the sale-purchase channels. Therefore, we have designed a hassle-less process for the purchase of hospital beds. You need not worry about paperwork and efficient delivery of the product to your doorstep as we do it for you. Our custom-made products are made with care and comfort to cure the patient's problems. Visit Starkville Medical Supplies today.

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